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About Us

At Wonderland Books, we believe that reading is a journey that takes you to magical places and opens up a world of endless possibilities. We chose the name Wonderland Books because it reflects our commitment to providing an immersive and enchanting experience for our customers. Our goal is to create a space that feels like a wonderland, where you can explore new worlds and discover new perspectives through the power of books. We hope that our name inspires you to embark on your own literary adventure and discover the wonders of reading.

Grandpa Paul’s resting place
- Wonderland Books -

A Passion for Reading


At Wonderland Books, we believe that every one of us should carry at least one book, or in our case, as many as we can fit in our bags.

We have a range of genres ideal for your route to work, a long flight or a calm day by the beach where you can enjoy a captivating plot. All of our story books are childishly illustrated for an original touch, no matter the story line with moving motives!
We invite you all no matter what age, to go on new adventures and discover a new side to life, whilst remembering your imagination can get you anywhere you want to go, you just need to take the first step. Go ahead and look through our collections today.

We've been waiting for you...

Zali & Zeph jumping for joy
- K'Shayne Best, Author & Illustrator -

I have always been a strong believer, that in order to stay fully committed and enthusiastic with work you must firstly seek your passion in life. You may ask why? Well, because this is what becomes the building block for your future and makes you thrive! 

I have always had an interest in art from the age of 12, yet I only saw it as hobby. However, one day I discovered I was great with words too; poems, meaningful letters, story telling you name it! It took me 10 years to realise this is something I can do that would make my children and I happy, reading and seeing my creations come to life and watching others enjoy them too.

My books were created to help everyone who opens them see a new world and a new light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what their circumstances may be or look like right now.

Let's all keep moving forward!

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