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The Art of Crafting Morally Rich Stories with Playful Characters

Have you ever wondered why and how storytellers decide to tell their stories in a specific way? I'll let you in on a little secret! The easiest way to tell a story is to either use past experiences by adding to or taking away from the reality of that experience, or exaggerating on your own personal future fantasies, imagination does come it to it at some stage but the most important factor is creativity. Do you have the ability to create a storyline that is captivating and meaningful? Do you have the time to pour your passion into creating an inspiring tale that will captivate the hearts of your audience? And do you enjoy telling stories?

These are the main factors that are necessary to get your creative wheels rolling! Today I'm going to share with you my personalised step by step process I take to create Wonderland Book Stories.

Creating My Characters Names

The first step I take is creating my charcaters names. Now I know how silly this may sound, but I mould my entire story on the names of my characters, this includes their physical appearance, the title of the books and the three baselines of the story in general (the introduction of characters and their personalities, the issue that occurs, and the solution/remedy). I have an entire list in my notes of different names for characters I have come up with and when I feel like it is time to use the name a new story is born!

Creating my characters

My second most important step is to draw the characters based on the name. Yes based on the name! For instance, imagine what you think a character named Jules may look like, does she have long or short hair, big eyes or small eyes, is she an adult or a teenager, is she a person or an animal etc. these are what motivates the character creation process and helps you to visualise how she should be illustrated.

Creating my scenary

Once I have my names and characters, next comes the fun part; thinking about the story line and then the scenary. Now to do this I think of the inspirational message I want to put out there first and foremost, for everyone who picks up my books to feel deep within their hearts. Once I have that set in stone I begin drawing whatever and wherever my mind takes me, so for example I can! Is based on staying motivated and knowing no matter how hard something may feel you can do anything, so what comes to mind? What kind of scene matches this storyline? Is it a deserted Island where the main character attempts to get off the island but can't find a way out and just as they find strength to continue looking for a way out BAM! They find a secret tunnel and find a way back to their home and then go from there.

I hope you enjoyed my brief step by step process on how I create my books from beginning to end. Always remember a book is nothing without meaning to you and to the world!

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I was captivated by the blog information and I found it really inspiring and encouraging. I particularly enjoyed reading the step by step proccess upon identifying or discovering what talents may lie within us just waiting to manifest. Great blogging and I really look forward to purchasing the range of books yet to be published.

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